May 27

a-horny-teenager-deactivated201 said: I want you to come to my house someday. You'd ring the bell and I'd answer, because nobody else was home. I'd drag you by your hand up the stairs playfully, while you followed. We'd run up to my room and fall on my bed ever so slightly out of breath. We'd be there, lying on our backs staring at the ceiling fan going round and round. You'd lean onto one side facing me and you'd run your hand over my chest and down to my crotch where you felt my now stiff cock waiting for you. We both knew this was the sign we were waiting for, it was time to do this. You'd undo my belt and slide off the bed onto your knees. I'd lie there in anticipation, growing harder by the second as you slowly unzipped my shorts and pulled them ever so slightly down. Then my boxers are being infiltrated by a hand and from within them my throbbing cock is lifted to the fresh air. You grab it at the base with one hand, the other hand reaching into your panties to help yourself to a bit of fun. You just can't wait, but you want to make sure I get some action first, to get me in the mood. Still holding onto my dick you take a long lick going from base to tip. I can't help but moan in excitement. You then stick the head into your mouth and run your tongue all around it, still rubbing yourself with your other hand. You then engulf the whole thing into your mouth, slowly running it into your throat. I grab the back of your head and help you go a bit faster to the base, you've taken the whole thing, and it gags you a bit so you pull it back out. But not for long, and down again you go, faster this time, making a small noise of excitement from both your own handiwork on your clit as well as the knowledge you get knowing that I'm dying for your body. After a few minutes you stop fondling my balls and yourself, and you stand up in front of me. I sit up and pull off your shirt and unclip your bra. I rub your left nipple while licking in a circle around your right one. I suck on it and wiggle my tongue up and down swiftly over your tit, making you beg for more. I give you more. I undo your pants and lower them, but you do your panties, swinging your hips as you lower them to the floor. You climb back onto the bed on your knees, hovering above my dick. You grab it with a hand and aim it while you slide it into your moist pussy. You slowly sit on it, letting yourself feel every inch penetrating into you. You lift up again and sit down again, faster and faster until you're in a daze of ecstasy. Before you can even come close to a climax, I lift myself and lower you while still inside of you so that you're now on your back and I'm standing at the base of the bed. You straddle me with your legs and pull me in. I pull it back out almost all of the way and slam it back. In and out it goes until you can't even hold on with your legs anymore and let them hand at the side of the bed. I continue to shove my meat into your dripping pussy while I lower myself onto your breasts and kiss you hard and passionate on the neck. You pull my head up to yours and stick your tongue into my mouth for another kiss, while you moan loudly that you want more. I pull out and flip you around to doggy style and again we go until you can't support yourself with your legs and you lie on my bed taking it up the ass now. I comment that it's so fucking tight and I'm about to blow my load and you comment that you already finished and you want it inside of you. I get to the point that I know I"m about to cum and I shove it hard and deep into your ass filling it with my warm sticky cream. You will remember that feeling for the rest of your life. You help me pull out and I stick it back into your pussy again, and lie down on you, panting. We lie there for a while, connected, in the most intimate way possible before pulling out and spooning. We fall asleep like that.

that story was ok however i see a couple things i dont agree with.

1. i had to give you action to get you in the mood.

you should be the one trying to get me in the mood 

2. im not going to rub myself to get me in the mood.

your the one that better get to work down there

be a man eat me out

if i blow you, you better return the favor

3. why didn’t i squirt?

if i would have came i wouldn’t need to tell you, 

you would know

other then that i like 

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